The creation process

of a custom dress

Advice For Your Ideal Dress

Beyond the love at first sight that you may feel for a dress, you have to be aware that it may not feel like you thought. That is why you will have personalized attention, where you will receive all the support that will help you discover the most appropriate type of dress to highlight your silhouette without losing your essence! A Bride should never dress up for her wedding day. The key is to be YOURSELF, natural and faithful to your personal style, a dress that at first glance speaks of you, defines you and is unique like you.

A custom design

When we already have a clear idea of ​​the style that best defines you, for this occasion you are the one that counts! The Wedding dress has to adapt to you and not the opposite, therefore I will take the necessary measurements of your body such as contours, widths and lengths and thus I will develop a pattern and base mold to test it and start the first adjustments.

All your Ideas in a Sketch

I am happy that my clients are part of the creation of their Wedding Dress! I will put my gift of drawing at your service, to help visualize what you have in mind (type of dress according to your silhouette, fabrics, accessories, details, etc.). And this is how imagination mixed with inspiration allows everything you want to come true!

3 simple steps

As work


A Tu Disposición

Tell me what you want

We make a first appointment, virtual or in person, you choose what you feel most comfortable with! I want you to feel comfortable telling me all your ideas in mind that you have for your dream wedding dress. In order to help you better visualize through a sketch and make sure that it is according to your silhouette, you like it and it represents it.



We work together?

Leaning on this sketch and everything discussed, I will make a detailed budget where I will include my service and all the Bridal accessories and special additions proposed on the first date (embroidery, veil, headdresses, etc...) As well as an estimated value of the fabric and materials that we will use.



From imagination to creation

We will plan 3 visits where you will see your dress being created step by step. More than a simple dress, you will live an unforgettable experience, we will choose the fabric together, we will create a base pattern, etc... You will have a professional dressmaker especially for you and you will feel like a real star!

What are you waiting for, make your appointment now!

Do not hesitate!
A tailored dress is the best option for you.

I understand you perfectly and that is why I love accompanying my clients, since I see myself reflected in them. I know how uncomfortable it can be to be with that uncertainty and indecision.
I tell you from experience!