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Every minute I dedicate to making a Wedding Dress is a wonderful experience for me!

And that is why I am really concerned that my clients arrive on their wedding day with a beautiful dress and in which they feel themselves.

03:34 26 Mar 23
From the first moment Ana only provided solutions and peace of mind. He helped us with his experience to have the perfect dress. 100% highly recommended. 🥰🥰🫶🫶
Eva Madrid AguilaEva Madrid Aguila
11:43 07 Dec 22
Milena is charming, I went without clear ideas regarding the veil and the headdress and she taught me all kinds of designs until I found the right one for me.Today I went to pick up the headdress and the veil and it couldn't be more accurate.Without a doubt, I recommend it since the treatment has been 10.
I loved the treatment she had with me, she is a girl who makes you feel unique and special... with the wedding dress she did what I asked for and more!!!!! I recommend it 100% for brides who want their unique dress, she makes it possible!!! Thank you beautiful for everything!!
lory Tlory T
19:23 26 Sep 22
My change dress as well so beautiful 😍 thank you sweet milena for dedicated time for me to make my day unforgettable ♥️
Donya AzDonya Az
20:22 08 Sep 22
Had the most amazing experience with Milena she’s is very kind and made me an amazing quality dress within a week. Highly recommend her work!
Elena Molina MontesElena Molina Montes
12:01 30 Aug 22
What can I say if Milena couldn't make my dress for reasons beyond her control? I cannot comment on the process or the result. But if I can comment on the most important thing and it is the treatment, affection and humanity that this woman has and I am also sure of her professionalism because of the dresses that I saw in her workshop the day I went to talk to her. It's all love. First I made a call to ask and I told him what my ridiculous budget was and far from neglecting me, he understood me, listened to me and advised me. Later I was in her workshop and between her, my boyfriend and myself we created an absolutely beautiful imaginary design. Then the thing was that he sent me a budget. I ship it the next day. A fair and adequate price seemed to me. Then things went wrong for me and I couldn't order it, when I spoke to her to tell her that I wasn't going to order the dress from her, her response was very nice, she wished me luck in my choice, in my wedding and told me she was delighted to have met me . And the truth is that I her too. She is a great professional and without a doubt I would trust her 300 percent to make my dress. People like that are few. And wedding dresses that I saw there… very beautiful. I recommend Bridal art without a doubt.
I felt very special when hiring Milena's services, she knew how to listen to me.She also made a drawing of my wedding dress on the first date that helped me clarify my ideas. We chose and bought the fabrics for my dress together in Malaga, it was a very original experience.My wedding dress is beautiful. I'm very grateful
Susana MartosSusana Martos
21:22 09 Jul 22
Thank you Milena for making my wedding dress, from the first date I knew I would hire your service, you are a charm. In addition, in all the tests you have been very attentive, which gave me a lot of confidence. You helped me convey what I wanted most in the design of my wedding dress. The truth is that I really enjoyed the comfort of my dress thanks to your special "take tail"😊. I would recommend you without any doubt!
FdeFilms ProduccionesFdeFilms Producciones
08:46 18 May 22
Very happy with his work and his designs. Hardworking and punctual in deliveries, as well as helpful when it comes to fittings.We will repeat in more photo sessions with your outfits for sure.
Bender CantBender Cant
11:43 03 May 22
Excellent treatment, very attentive to everything down to the smallest detail, she explains well to offer you the best and at a good price. It assures you a perfect job.I highly recommend it 100%
Vanessa ManriqueVanessa Manrique
06:53 29 Mar 22
Thank you Milena for making me feel like the most beautiful bride in the world, I felt accompanied and guided by your experience, the dress was the perfect mix between my figure, personality and your magic eye. At all times I felt super comfortable and happy with the result. Thank you for your passion and care in making every detail of my dress! ❤❤❤vanessa manrique
Taty ZuritaTaty Zurita
20:58 11 Jul 21
I asked Milena for a dress from a movie that I knew I would not find in any store and she not only did it PERFECTLY, but also the treatment with her was wonderful. She is very professional and loving. I definitely recommend her 100% and if one day I get married, she will be the one who designs the dress for me.
María Josè GarridoMaría Josè Garrido
17:35 11 Jul 21
Milenia is all love ... she is a super professional, charming and will make your dress with all love..❤️

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